Speak out on County Budget

for More Library Spending!

The Friends of the Laurel Library and the County Friends of the Library have provided comments to County Executive Rushern Baker during his recent budget listening tour. 

Overall, library funding has suffered due to the fiscal crisis that started in 2008. Staff has been reduced and hours have been cut. With new library branches having just opened or about to be opened, additional funding is critical to having the quality of libraries that we see in other counties. While funding has slowed in recent years, library use has increased dramatically. Additional funding is needed to maintain a quality system. 

Please write to (or call) County Executive Rushern Baker at countyexecutive@co.pg.md.us (301-952-3141), 

and to our Councilwoman Mary Lehman at malehman@co.pg.md.us (301-952-3887) to urge them to allocate more funds for the County library system.  

Tom Dernoga, President  

Friends of the Laurel Library